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The Free Hidden Jobs Course

Simple Skills Every Job Hunter Needs

It is well known that around 60% of all jobs are not advertised. People land these opportunities by building great networks of connections who understand their skills and professional value. Join this free course to learn how to build your own valuable network

Job Hunter’s Toolkit

Just get me an interview!

Everything you need to land an interview. Matt Shewbridge really gets to know you and your professional offer, so he can present you at your very best.

✅ Beautiful New CV

✅ LinkedIn Profile Overhaul

✅ Personalised Cover Letter

✅ Expert application guidance and support from Matt Shewbridge

The Job Hunter’s Toolkit costs £250. Click here or book a call with Matt for more info.

Interview Coaching Complete Pack

When you don’t want to leave it to chance

You’ve got an interview? How much do you want that job? This pack will give you the skills and confidence to perform at your best in the next interview, and for the rest of your life.

✅ 5 Hours of Interview Coaching

✅ Your bespoke, 2000 word Interview Progress Report

✅ Expert application guidance and support from Matt Shewbridge

The Interview Coaching Complete Pack costs just £500. Click here or book a call with Matt for more info.

Interview Coaching by the Hour

Because you just need a little expert guidance

If you need to brush up on your interview skills to make sure you’re delivering the right message in a clear and memorable way, this is the option for you.

✅ 60 Minutes of Interview Coaching

60 Minutes of Interview Coaching costs £130. Click here or book a call with Matt for more info.

Job Hunter’s Bespoke Solution

When your time is too valuable for job hunting

You don’t have time for job hunting. This is the premium service that does everything it takes to make exciting things happen.

✅ Absolutely everything

The Job Hunter’s Bespoke Solution costs £2800 for 3 months of unlimited service. Click here or
for more info.


Matt is a mensch. A world-class expert and a centre of excellence with his services. Matt has a very intelligent unique style and approach towards his clients. He takes the time to listen and understand the client’s needs and desires, with great passion; it’s more than just a business. Matt offers the complete service you require when looking to advance your career, confidence, understanding your value, and networking. He’s selfless with his time. As an individual, I’m eternally grateful for Matt’s meticulous attention to detail, patience (with my never-ending questions), experience, and expertise as I follow my own career growth. If you’re looking to invest in yourself, I highly recommend the connection with Matt will not be a wasted opportunity.

Hettle Vasani

I was lucky to come across Matt’s profile and to get in touch with him. At a hard job hunting time he helped me boost my confidence and stay positive. I could definitely feel he has my best interest at heart and is very motivational. Matt shared some great tips on how to build my job hunt strategy, especially related to having the right tools such as a good CV and LinkedIn profile. Matt is a great professional. Thanks for your support.

Sofia Koleva

I’ve been very lucky to cross paths with Matt and worked together for the last few months, and I have to say that he has really made an impact on my perspective on how to approach my goals in a more strategic way. Matt has managed to understand my strengths and how, through his own methodology, to demonstrate the way that they add value to a particular proposal, whether is a job interview or a daily-basis work conversation. To achieve that, Matt has dedicated and committed to knowing me in-depth, getting to understand my strengths and weakness, and has taught me how to use every one of them in my favor depending on the occasion. On a final note, I really want to highlight the relevancy of having a well-written CV, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn profile on a job search, and the best way to achieve this, is by being helped by a professional that is really willing to get to know you, capture your strong points and translate them in the precise amount of words. Thank you Matt for your hard work and dedication!

Nicolas Labowitz

Matt was very kind to give me some advice on improving myinterview skills. Please do reach out to to him as he has a lot ofknowledge on this. It really helped boost my confidence and motivation.

Arahn Sathananthan

When I connected with Matt, little did I realise how valuable his help would be in securing my new role. I knew my cv and LinkedIn profile needed an overhaul but didn’t really know where to start. Matt took the time not only to talk through my previous roles but to get to know me as well, and produced a great new cv and profile for me. Talking through things really helped change my mindset in looking for the right role and company rather than applying for everything. When I secured an interview, I had a coaching session with him where we went through various questions and he gave me great advice on how best to word my responses. This was fantastic and Imy confidence was greatly improved and I secured my role. I thoroughly recommend Matt and his Job Hunter’s Toolkit. Thanks again Matt.

Angela Moore

Matt is one of those rare-to-find genuine, good-hearted people. He is very helpful and supportive and will give you his full encouragement and guidance throughout the whole process of job hunting. He was such a delight to work with, who went above and beyond to ensure my CV and LinkedIn was up to a top standard. He was very friendly and approachable and was always available to answer any questions that I had. He is a true expert with exceptional industry knowledge! If you need help with your CV / LinkedIn, Matt is definitely the go-to person, the CV Hero!

Derya Cagiran

I’ve been very lucky in that I’ve never really had to bother about my CV. So much so that it was 11 pages long 😬When my contract at Royal Mail was cancelled due to COVID and I was applying for new contracting roles, like a lot of people I wasn’t getting a response. So I decided to do something about it. I was referred to Matt Shewbridge who is a professional CV writer who walked me through my roles and experience and produced an amazing CV for me which is now 2 pages long but covers all my years of experience. He has a great way of coaching the right information from you and articulating it into wording that will help your CV to stand out with recruiters. Fortunately for me I got another contract at Royal Mail but I am still getting calls and emails from recruiters so his hard work obviously has made a difference in getting my CV noticed. If you are struggling in the current market and need help with your CV then I really cannot recommend Matthew enough. He will work with you to get your CV noticed and will even go the extra mile and search job sites and recommend jobs for you and provide helpful advice on interviewing techniques. Thanks for all your help Matthew

Shelly Gothard

I reached out to Matt with a very confused state of mind, he helped me understand my real worth and gave me back the confidence I need to evaluate what the right next step in my career would be. Dedicated and unselfish, he helped a lot with re-shaping the way I would present myself to headhunters – by making sure my LinkedIn profile and CV tell the story of my career so far. Thanks a lot, Matt – talking to you was a very good idea! 🙂

Georgio Guadalupi

If you’re looking for your next role, I’d highly recommend getting Matt onboard to help you. I’ve been really impressed by Matt’s energy and proactivity in supporting me. He’s given me CV feedback, helped me produce a suitable cover letter, and scouted around for suitable roles that meet my skill-set and experience. He’s been great at checking in and holding me to account on my job applications and keeping track of progress – and has generally been a delight to work with. Thanks so much for your really valuable help Matt!

Julia Finch

I was recently fortunate enough to participate in one of Matt’s free online consultations and couldn’t recommend him highly enough. I’ve been in my roles for long periods of time so have been out of touch with CV writing and felt my current CV wasn’t working hard enough. Listening to Matt’s suggestions regarding what makes a CV standout from the crowd and what it should contain is exactly what I needed and immediately began a rewrite! Thanks Matt, brilliant stuff.

Russell Deamer

Matt’s free Zoom tutorial on CV (re) writing, was inspiring makingme rethink my achievements and focus on what I have to offer. Achange of mindset that was needed. I couldn’t recommend highlyenough. Thank you.

Mark Rathburn

Matt Shewbridge is dedicated to helping you achieve the bestfrom your CV when seeking employment. I’d have no hesitation inrecommending him to anyone seeking employment as he willcertainly help to make a difference in your working life.

Andréane Thomas

Worked with Matt in Jan 2020. He is an absolute gent,professional, honest and ethical which is rare to see nowadays. His services are fantastic and have every confidencerecommending him. He helped me rewrite my CV and made mefeel more confident with my CV. Second to none!

Chris Simpson

Matt is an enthusiastic professional, a real pleasure to work with for his dedication, solution-finding approach. He learned quickly about my background and coached me very constructively during recruitment processes from finding numerous job opportunities to optimizing my CV and introduction letters but also by strategizing interviews. The targets were achieved successfully and quickly while keeping a pleasant atmosphere. Matt has a proven ability to add high quality and am confident that he will make a difference in your job search.

Marco Eldh

Matt is a very positive person and has helped prepare me for thenext step in my career. Taking the time to ensure my CV wasgiving the best picture of me and ensuring I was prepared forinterviews. Thank you Matt you really are amazing!

Leanne Murphy

If you are looking for working with a Professional coach you cantrust and go the extra mile, then Matt is the right coach, he justnot only helped me to apply and deliver the right message in myjob interviews, what he did basically was show me the way to shine and why I was the ideal candidate for that position.

Pamela Klein