Why a Career in Business is an Exceptional Choice for Young Adults With Disabilities

We are delighted to feature this guest article by Linda Chase of Able Hire, who help people with disabilities build rewarding, successful careers.

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Choosing a career path is challenging for most young adults. Whether you recently entered college, or are planning to earn a degree in the near future, you’ve likely been spending a great deal of time thinking about what the future has in store. 

This decision-making process can become even more complicated when considering how one (or more) disabilities will impact your day-to-day work life. Whether you experience physical, emotional, and/or cognitive challenges, it is important to think about what careers will best suit your specific needs. 

More and more young adults facing disabilities are finding that a career in business is a wise move for a number of reasons. Shewbridge Coaching provides information on why a career in business is beneficial for young adults with disabilities and tips for success in the industry.

A career in business opens the door to self-employment

When facing a disability, a set 9-to-5 schedule, high-stress corporate environments, and commuting each day may not be realistic. Even though companies are required to make reasonable accommodations, you may not feel comfortable with many of the requirements of working in a typical work environment.  

As an alternative to having a career that requires in-person attendance — and a firmly set schedule — you may want to consider becoming self-employed. By pursuing a career in business, you will have an easier time achieving this goal. 

When coupled with another field or degree program, you can unlock a vast number of opportunities. For example, many people who’ve worked in business start their own consulting firm. If you were to also earn an online degree in IT, you could expand your area of consulting expertise to information technology, data analytics, or cybersecurity. Alternatively, you could earn a degree in marketing or accounting and start a consulting firm around those fields.

Increased opportunities to work-from-home

If you are comfortable with the expectations of standard business jobs — but have the physical limitations that make it challenging to commute to an office — there are plenty of work-from-home opportunities available in the industry. This is even more true today as the COVID-19 pandemic continues on. If you face sensory challenges, working from home also allows you to be in a controlled environment every day.

When searching for jobs on most major platforms, you will now notice that you can filter by remote work positions. Unlike just a few years ago, searching for remote work jobs — across areas of expertise and experience level — yields pages upon pages of results. There is no shortage of part- and full-time business jobs that are 100% location independent.

Getting the education you need to succeed

If you are currently in search of a business degree program, it is important to choose one that is aligned with your interests. It is also important to be aware of which degree programs and careers are the most lucrative.

If you have a bachelor’s degree, an MBA is a wise educational choice. According to U.S. News & World Report, the current average starting salary for graduates with an MBA is $79,043. If you are still looking for a bachelor’s degree program, figures from PayScale.com show that degrees in accounting and finance open doors to some of the highest-paying positions in business.

Landing your first internship and entry-level position

When you are ready to look for an internship — or your first entry-level position — it is important to do your research. Review articles and employee reviews about which companies are the best for those who have disabilities. Additionally, to reduce your job search stress and land the perfect role, consider utilizing Shewbridge Coaching’s Job Hunter’s ToolkitInterview Coaching, and more.

If you are leaning toward earning a degree in business, begin by browsing lists of the top career paths. Carefully consider what roles sound most interesting, your long-term goals, and which positions sound best for your individual needs.

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