Does applying for a job make you feel anxious? Stressed? Frustrated?

Then you’re not alone. And it’s so time-consuming!

If you want a new job, you need to get in touch with me. Let’s have a conversation. I will maximise your chances of getting you a good job, and I will make it much more pleasant and stress free. It’s one of those things that seems really hard but, in the right hands, it’s a doddle. And the clincher? Not using my service is more expensive than using it.

http://www.shewbridgecoaching.com is my portal; making you happier is my business.

I am here to help you get a better job. As a born problem solver, I am drawn to solving one of the biggest problems in civilised society – professional dissatisfaction. We spend much of our time at work and yet we talk about it as if it’s a black hole in our lives.

‘Work-life balance’: think about that for a second. That phrase encapsulates all that is wrong with our view of work in today’s world, as if life and work are in opposition. Life includes work, and work is a valuable thing. It’s how we make useful objects, it’s how we share great ideas, it’s how we make our lives worth living.

Ultimately we go to work to create value, and in that there is beauty. Yet so many of us are unhappy.


Some of us are in the wrong job. Office politics and toxic personalities create not value but misery. Our skills and experience are undervalued or left to wither. We’re underpaid. But, and this is the crucial point, something you must never forget: It doesn’t have to be like this for you. You CAN find happiness at work. And you can even have fun doing it.

My approach is to help you actively enjoy job-hunting. It should feel like shopping, except the goal is to make money instead of spend it. There are great jobs everywhere, some of them advertised, most of them not. Let’s talk about what YOU really want to do with your time, and see if I can help you get there.

We’ll start with a video chat to see if I can help (I almost certainly can), and then we’ll draw up a strategy together. I’ll make sure your CVs, cover letters and LinkedIn profile are perfect. I’ll make you the best interviewee you can be. We’ll track your progress together until we get you a better job.

Stop positive thinking, and start positive doing. Get in touch to say hello and we’ll see what our options are.

Our Founding Principle is that work is inherently a good thing and that productivity is naturally gratifying for human beings. If workers are treated and paid fairly then they will be happy with their professional lives.

Matt Shewbridge combines his expertise in language and communication with his management and public speaking experience to help his clients get the jobs they deserve.

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