Interview Lander Pack

Job hunting can be a dispiriting task, fraught with stress and disappointment. Sending off endless CVs, writing and rewriting cover letters, waiting to hear from people who might never reply.

Well, not anymore. My Interview Lander Pack makes finding your next job a pleasure; my aim is to make it feel fun and exciting – like shopping or choosing a new car. I do this by taking all the stress away from you, and we just do the fun bits together.

Here’s how it works:

  • You start with a consultation call with me. This is where we discuss where you would like your career to go, and what your ideal next job would be. It’s all about finding out exactly what you want.
  • I explain my optional Job Hunter’s Power Strategy for getting you to the top of the shortlist. You decide if you want to deploy it; it doesn’t cost extra but it’s not for everyone.
  • Together, we choose a CV layout and perfect your LinkedIn profile. Now everything is in place and the magic can happen.
  • I conduct a deep search for some really suitable jobs. I share these with you via a document that you can access anywhere, anytime. You approve each possibility whenever you can. We then apply for ten jobs.
  • I perfect your CV and cover letter for each job, share them with you and we send them off.
  • We discuss each positive reply and decide how you want to proceed.
  • During the process, I am on hand to discuss any queries you might have and help you write any related replies, thank you notes etc.
  • Interview time!

If you think this all sounds great, you’ll be amazed to hear that I am currently offering the whole pack for just £600.

Order the Interview Lander Pack here.

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