The Hidden Jobs Challenge — June 2021

Welcome to our free 5 Day course teaching you the simple hour-long daily routine that will unlock to your next role.

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Over the five days, starting on Monday 7th June, you will:

  1. Learn how to get jobs and contracts much more easily by starting meaningful conversations with people who can employ you. In these conversations you’ll demonstrate your worth to those people so that they want to employ you. 
  2. Learn how to find those people in the first place.
  3. Learn what their pain points and frustrations are, so that you can have conversations that are meaningful to them.

At the end you will have a simple, structured and repeatable routine to follow that, if you make it into a habit, will give you the skills to position and brand yourself as the ideal person to solve your Future Managers’ problems.

At the end of your time with us you will know:

  • How to get jobs and contracts, easily, by demonstrating your expertise and problem solving skills.
  • How to search and find key contacts with laser-like precision.
  • How to confidently identify the pain and frustration behind posts on your feed so that you can expertly make connections and relationships with people who hold the key to your next role.

How will you learn all of this?

The Challenge will take place in a collaborative and supportive private Linkedin Event group.

At 11am BST a task will be announced everyday Monday through to Friday. The announcements will be announced LIVE on a zoom call, which you will be automatically invited to as a member of the Challenge.

Each task will be supported by a task handout, which will be provided alongside the announcement, and will take no more than 30 minutes to complete.

There is also a live Q&A for those who sign up for the All-Access Pass, which you will find out more about after you sign up.

All announcements and Q&As will be recorded and available for you to watch in case you miss them.

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